Beautify Your Home With Area Carpets

Are you thinking about decorating your home with easy yet elegant decor? Let area carpets do the talking. Area carpets or rugs comprise carpets that are enclosed within the walls of your house. Decorative and practical, they are a great choice to transform a boring setup into a lively one! When it comes to practicality, they protect our feet from slipping unawares and keep the hardwood floor safe from wear and tear. That’s Living has got you the best carpet flooring to spruce up your areas to make them look functionally appealing!

Other Advantages Offered By Area Carpets 

Why Carpets is one of the much-asked questions from a lot of people, here’s the simple answer to make them understand the advantages offered by area carpets.

Floor Protection

With kids, pets, and everyone stepping here and there around the home all day long, the chances of the floor getting damaged increases. Area rugs protect your floors from scratches and damage.

Noise Cancellation

Area carpets help reduce noise by dampening excessive sound waves in your house space.

Ease And Comfort

They provide comfort to your feet along with keeping them clean from dust and other pollutants.


They brighten up the room because of their colorful appearance and designs, providing elegance and making the house look complete.

Selecting A Good Carpet – Few Things To Consider

That's Living has a wide range of area carpets to help you choose the perfect cladding for the floor and adding elegance to your space. However, a wise decision should be made only after scrutinizing your place aptly. 

Here is the simple buying guide –

Measure the overall dimensions of the area where you’re going to spread the rug. Imagine how it will make the most of your space.

Determine the weave patterns to suit your existing decor. Everything from placing it underfoot to getting it matched with the room's color scheme, choose after keeping different perspectives in mind. 

Prefer a material that offers sheer softness, durability, and is stain resistant. The options may include wool, synthetics, natural fiber, silk, and cotton. 

Select the pieces that are easy to handle for cleaning. It’s important to take care of the area carpet for it to stand the test of time and offer a timeless appeal. 

What Does That’s Living Have To Offer 

With a diverse range of area carpets having beautiful designs and patterns, That’s Living has made it easier to choose as per your decor schemes. The varieties include hand-knotted and hand-tufted carpets for Living Room, Bedroom, dining space, and more. Patterned in eclectic shades, there are pieces from muted to bold to traditional to contemporary and whatnot! Browse our collection and treat your eyes with the distinguished varieties to make your abode bloom with panache and grandeur!