Cocktail And Coffee Tables That Complement Your Living Space

A Living Room Furniture set is incomplete without a sophisticated table. Just as your sofas and chairs create a perfect interior setting for small and large gatherings, the cocktail and coffee tables play an imminent role in binding the room together. Whether you use the table for displaying a stunning vase or storing books and magazines on its under-tier shelf, it’s a must-have for every living room. That’s Living flaunts a vast collection of luxury units under the category of cocktail and coffee tables that impressively blend form and function. 

Cocktail Table Vs. Coffee Table: What’s the Difference?

Many people use the two terms interchangeably, but they are slightly different regarding technicality. While cocktail tables are square or rectangular, the coffee tables are round or oval. As the name itself suggests, historically, the coffee tables served the purpose of keeping coffee mugs when entertaining guests. Similarly, the cocktail tables were used for cocktail parties. In modern days, it’s safe to say that both are more or less the same, considering the variety of shapes and designs available in the marketplace. In conclusion, both the tables are kept in front of a Sofa or Loveseat and are used to display pieces of art or to serve beverages and snacks while accentuating the decor.

Choosing the Right Coffee & Cocktail Table

It goes without saying that every piece of furniture should be bought after a lot of research and understanding of the interior setting. As soon as you decide to get a new coffee or cocktail table, make sure to keep the following things in mind:


Take measurements of the area and decide how long or how high the table should be based on its proximity to the sofa. You should leave enough space between the couch and table while ensuring easy accessibility. 


You can choose a rectangular table if there is enough space in the room. However, an oval one will allow you to move around freely due to its curved edges while also ensuring the safety of your kids and pets. 


When it comes to the design aspect, you have various options to choose from, including a metallic table with a glass top, a sturdy unit made of wood, an elegant piece with a sculpted base, or a two-tier structure catering to both storage and display. Whatever you choose should blend with the interiors and its color scheme.


In order to create a pleasant, well-curated space, make sure to keep a check on the scale of all furnishings. For example, if it’s a tiny loveseat, don’t use a giant table and pair it with a heavily upholstered Sectional sofa.

That’s Living is the perfect platform for you to browse through high-end cocktail and coffee tables for your plush space. Our collection features popular brands like Eichholtz and Caracole that comply with industry standards, ensuring superior quality. Choose from a wide range of tables including vintage, modern, and contemporary styles.