Transform Your Space with Decorative Pillows & Cushions

Adding a bunch of decorative pillows and cushions is the most effective way to elevate any space in an effortless manner. Whether it’s your upholstered sofa or wooden armchair in a corner, throw pillows and cushions can transform the entire ambiance of your home by accentuating the Furniture. From traditional seat and back cushions to modern styled throw pillows in unusual shapes and designs, each and every piece plays a significant role in creating the kind of environment you wish for. 

Since it’s not easy to pick the right kind of pieces with so many varieties available, That’s Living aims to make this task easy for you with its selective range of quality products from popular home decor brands like Eichholtz. We keep adding new products to our portfolio so you can stay updated with the latest trends and create impressive aesthetics in your house. 

Styles of Decorative Pillows & Cushions at That’s Living

On That’s Living, you’ll find everything including minimal, fluffy pillows to the ones adorned with stunning designs and patterns. You just need to make sure that the pieces you select blend well with the room’s interior setting and sense of style. There are throw pillows and cushions adorned with geometric patterns that captivate attention instantly, while the ones with embroidery add grace to the room. Whether you need to accentuate your luxury sofa or decorate the loveseat, That’s Living’s collection of cushions and pillows will suffice all your needs.

How to decorate your house with pillows and cushions

Decorative pillows and cushions can beautify any space when used in the right combination of colors, size, shape, and proportion. It may sound simple but in reality it could be a little tricky. To help you with the correct choices, we are here with our list of suggestions that will guide you in creating a lovely environment for your home.

Arrangement of pillows: 

If you are decorating your Bed with throw pillows, try a symmetrical arrangement. Keep the bigger ones at the back and the smaller ones in the front. Likewise, in terms of color, you can display the bright colored pillowcases to bring an exciting touch to the aesthetics. However, if you wish to make your space more quaint and comfy, you may go for neutral tones.

Using pillows to highlight the furniture:

If you have a piece of furniture that adds a pop of color in the room, make sure to use your pillows in a way that highlights it in a captivating manner. You can use subtle tones and complementary colors to create a perfect blend of all the Home Decor Accessories in the room. Make sure the color of the sofa or loveseat isn’t exactly the same as of the pillows and cushions.

Proportions and shapes:

There are several ways to make your space playful and vibrant by exhibiting a clever mix of proportions and shapes in the room. For example, placing circular throw pillows on tub styled sofa chairs and kidney pillows on Sectionals will balance out the shapes pretty well. 

Mix and match: 

It’s not necessary to stick to one design and print when decorating a space with pillows and cushions. For example, combine neutral tones, solid colors, floral prints, and geometric patterns, all in one sofa to make the space look playful and encourage engaging conversations.