Adorn Your Living Space with the Best Loveseats and Sofas

Sofas and loveseats occupy a significant portion of the Living Room. Whether it's the weekends when you are chilling with your family or having folks over for some fun chit-chat, all you need is a comfy sofa set to spend some quality time. Since your living room is the first place that your guests visit, you must make sure to buy the best furniture that fits the space.

At That's Living, we provide you access to a large selection of luxury loveseats and sofa sets. You can choose from a wide range of styles, shapes, materials, and brands. You get to discover pieces that truly reflect your rich taste and class, from classic designs to contemporary ones. You may go for an upholstered sofa set with matching chairs to entertain a gathering of 4-6 people or simply go for a plush loveseat to cuddle with your better half.

Loveseats And Sofas By Popular Luxury Brands

That's Living features a selection of sophisticated and elegant collections by popular luxury brands known for their expertise and innovative designs. Here is a list of popular furniture brands offering stylish loveseats and sofas:


Focusing on multifunctional practical designs, Caracole creates individual pieces that reflect personality and class. The sofa sets by this brand bring a sense of newness and elevate the space with their unique visual appeal.


Eichholtz is a renowned name in the field of luxury furniture and home decor accessories. This brand aims to create a modern interpretation of antique designs while ensuring that the products perfectly fit contemporary spaces.

Theodore Alexander: 

While emphasizing beauty and innovation, Theodore Alexander designs products that reflect excellence in terms of quality. If you are looking for some of the finest handcrafted furniture, this is the brand you must choose.


Bernhardt is a family-owned furniture company known for its excellent product designs. Their collection features some of the finest high-end pieces exhibiting innovative style and excellence when it comes to sofas and loveseats.

Types of Sofas and Loveseats Available on That's Living

At That's Living, you will find a wide variety of luxury sofa sets and loveseats. From straight and clean lines to decorative pieces with gleaming finishes, you have a lot of choices for your living room seating configurations. Here is a list of some of the styles:

French Cabriole Sofa: 

This sofa is characterized by an exposed wooden frame bearing exquisite carving.  The back and legs carry a distinctive shape while the seat is tightly upholstered and upright. Best suited to create a focal point in a small space, this style reflects French Country vibes.

Track Arm Sofa: 

Perfect for contemporary spaces, the Track Arm Sofa flaunts clean and straight lines. Its square-shaped arms and comfy seats make it ideal for lounging and engaging in fun conversations. You can even decorate it with throw pillows of various shapes and sizes.

Mid Century Modern Sofa: 

This category of sofas often feature button-tufted back, square armrests, tapered legs, piped edges, and rectangular seat cushions. Pair your Mid Century Modern Sofa with designer chairs featuring wooden frames and upholstered seats to weave the room together.

Camelback Sofa: 

The camelback style dates back to the 18th Century. It features sofas with a curved back and shapely legs adding a sense of elegance to the space. These pieces are meant for indulgence and encouraging conversations rather than lounging. 


Chaise is an upholstered sofa designed like a chair that is long enough to sit with your legs up. It’s a French term that translates to ‘’Long Chair’’. It can be paired with an ottoman and can be placed near windows or fireplaces for a perfect interior setting. 

Round Loveseat:

It’s the perfect piece of furniture for snuggling with your loved ones. It features an upholstered body decked up with throw pillows. Although it can accommodate one person at a time, it is meant to provide a cozy experience for you and your spouse.

Quick Guide to Buy Loveseats And Sofas

Before buying loveseats and sofas online, you must make sure to keep a check on all the prerequisites. Since it's a decision that will decide the look of your interior, make sure to keep the following things in mind.


First and foremost, take measurements of the space and buy a piece accordingly. A love seat will go well for a small space, but if it's a big room, you can choose an upholstered sofa set. 


Any type of couch you buy should complement the overall aesthetic of the room. For example, a minimalist design in white and beige tones will be a good fit for modern decor. For traditional decor, warm colors will be a wise choice.


Make sure to choose the material carefully before buying a new couch. You may choose a cotton fabric or a leather one at your convenience. Ideally, people choose pieces that are strong enough and easy to maintain.

Your Living Room Furniture is a reflection of who you are. So, you get to decide what kind of vibes you wish to create in your space. Whether it's a modern loveseat or a conventionally designed upholstered sofa with a camelback, it should fit your style and requirements.