Sideboards & Buffets: Understanding the Concept and Functionality

A Sideboard, also known as a Buffet table, is ideally a long piece of Furniture used for storing and displaying items. Although it’s meant for the dining area, there are many versions of a sideboard that can be placed in other parts of the house, including the Living Room, hallway, and Bedroom. When it comes to the dining room buffets, these are extensively used in several ways. While the top is used to display decorative items or serve food, the cabinet portion serves as a storage area for your luxury dinnerware and other Kitchen Accessories.

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Uses of Sideboard and Buffets

As mentioned above, a sideboard or a buffet can be used on multiple occasions. Listed here are some common uses of a sideboard:


Since every sideboard has Cabinets, it is used for storing belongings in a household, depending on the room where you keep it. For example, in the dining area, it can be used for storing dinnerware, while in the living room, you can store books, magazines, and other miscellaneous items. 

Display Unit

The tabletop of a sideboard is used to display your prized possessions like vases, Mini Lamps, succulents, or other showpieces. It’s an excellent way to create indulgence in space while flaunting your valuable collection.

TV Stand

A sideboard can also be used as a Console Table for your television. Conveniently, the cabinet can act as storage for your media devices and all the wires that you don’t want to keep out in the open.

Accent piece

Sometimes, a beautiful sideboard can simply accentuate the space with its artistic design. Several styles are available in the marketplace based on meaningful themes, flaunting exquisite finishes. You can either choose an altogether different look or sync it with other furnishings in the house for a uniform decor.

Correct Size of a Sideboard and Buffet

To choose the correct size and scale of your buffet table, you will need to measure the dimensions of the Dining Room and consider the size of other pieces of furniture in the space. Make sure that the unit is at an appropriate distance from the dining table and doesn’t overpower the room’s interior scheme. At the same time, make sure that it is not dwarfed by the presence of your dining table and chairs. Ideally, a sideboard is 20-22 inches deep and 60 inches long. However, the exact dimensions may vary depending on your interior setting.

Choosing the Perfect Sideboards And Buffets for your Home

To select the perfect sideboard for your house, you need to assess many factors like its usage, size, style, and functionality. Here’s what you should consider when choosing a sideboard:

If the space is styled with modern decor, you can go for any style and create a mix and match of textures and materials. For contemporary decor, make sure the style and design match other furnishings in the room. 

Another factor is the functionality of the sideboard. The part of the house where you will be using the unit will decide what kind of look you need in the sideboard or buffet. To display your Home Accessories, use a sideboard with an open cabinet area. However, if you need to stock your household items that need to be concealed, choose a closed cabinet.