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…”one of a kind” heavenly comfort feeling.That’s Living luxury mattresses are engineered and produced in the USA using 100% US origin materials. These double sided cotton tufted mattresses are designed with comfort and durability in mind. Their composition is most unique in the industry, using approximately 15kg of USA grown cotton cushioning along with layers of polyester and various other foam pads to provide a “one of a kind” heavenly comfort feeling. Cotton has always played a critical role in the bedding industry… and for good reason. It “Breathes”, it is “Pre-compressed” and it’s the most comfortable cushioning material available. It helps prolong the life of the foam, giving your bed an even longer “Comfort” life! Much effort has gone into developing a fiber comparable to cotton but this has not happened. Simply stated, cotton outperforms less expensive synthetic man made materials… the natural, physical characteristics of cotton cannot be duplicated. Our manufacturer is one of the few companies that garnets its own raw cotton itself, which gives a distinctive advantage over other bedding manufactures in building a superior quality mattress.
KEY FEATURES AVAILABLE:Natural pre-compressed cottonInternal-Tufted
Keeps internal mattress material from shiftingReduces body impressions and allows mattress to breathPromotes longer mattress life, very durableHeavy Duty Coil SystemDouble offset coil system is the strongest coil in the industry.Zoned for proper body alignment and years of support.Specially designed to be extremely durable, yet very comfortable2x the Comfort; 2x the Durability2x the Sleeping Surface; 2x the BedHigh Density, Quality FoamsOnly the highest quality foams are used throughout That’s Living mattresses. Memory foam, latex and high density foams are used to reduced body impressions and extend comfort life. Most importantly, these high quality materials reduce pressure points and cradle the body, resulting in years and years of comfort and support.

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Cotton, Foam, Metal, Wood & Fabric


198W x 206D x 28H cm

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