Upgrade Your Home’s Aesthetic With Chic Carpets 

A home always needs one’s personal touch to reflect the personality, and one of the easiest ways to do this is through the floors. Area carpets can be an excellent way to include aesthetic elevation, comfort, and style to the areas with elegance and sophistication. Carpets are mostly overlooked as they don’t entice everyone much; however, they are certainly not dismissed completely either. 

At That’s Living, one can witness delightful prints textured skillfully on the runners to enhance the grace of the entire room altogether. Either make them work ahead of the Luxurious Soft Set or right beside your bed; they would work wonders.

Choose Right Carpets – Tips & Tricks To Follow

Carpets facilitate a warm & cozy environment and significantly uplift the visual vibe. They can also act as a statement element that your place might have missed before. While it’s important to consider the area size before selecting carpets for Living Room or any other area, there are certain other factors that make choosing the right piece easier. 

Prints and patterns: 

Decide on the patterns as per the size of your room. For example, if the space is bigger, go for larger prints. On the other hand, if the space is compact, repetitive, and smaller designs would work best. Striped carpets make a narrow room look visually wider, hence offering a spacious illusion.


While pale and muted hues set the traditional vibes right, black and grey carpets with geometric prints offer the best contemporary outlook. Choosing the right color is essential as it instantly makes or breaks the deal.


The choice of materials is a personal taste. Shaggy carpets will keep you warm underfoot and best-suited in the Bedroom, where you can pamper your toes to softness after waking up. Invite hand-woven art in the living room.

Cleaning & Maintenance

To retain the natural elegance of Carpets, it’s essential to do your bit too. Make your floor piece look flawless by vacuum cleaning it at regular intervals. Dust doesn’t take much time to settle; therefore, it should be vacuumed on a timely basis. Every two months or so, take it out in the sun. Use a stain remover to clean liquid stains. It solves the purpose and doesn’t fade out the color. If pulled, loose threads can affect the weaving; either tie it tight or cut with scissors. 

Explore Trustworthy Brands At That’s Living!  

Aside from cladding areas with a soft material, carpets can make the overall look of the house warm and welcoming. Eichholtz, one of the reputed furnishing brands at That’s Living, makes it easier for you to single out natural synthetic, viscose, wool, and other fibers woven on the area carpets. The high-quality pieces are handcrafted to suit any decor scheme and take your dream interior to the next level.