Luxury Dining Chairs: Understanding The Latest Trends

Long gone are the days when people used to buy dining table sets, including a table with matching chairs. In the current times, you can buy the dining chairs separately to create a customized setting. Now it’s all about adaptability and versatility, whereby the dining area acts as an extension of the kitchen.

Instead of keeping everything in sync, experimenting with different styles and creating a playful ambiance has become common. Whether it’s a contemporary setting or a transitional one, you have the choice to pick your favorite dining chairs from a myriad of options. Keeping the changing trends in mind, That’s Living offers a selection of elegant dining chairs that perfectly blend with your home decor. We have a variety in style and design brought to you by famous international brands like Caracole, Eichholtz, and Theodore Alexander.

Choosing the Right Dining Chair

It may get time-consuming to pick one piece of your choice with all the options available. To help you ease this process, here are some key points to consider when choosing the right dining chair for your home.


Make sure to check how much space you have and the size of the Dining Table. You don’t want the chairs to either overpower the rest of the furnishings or get dwarfed by the surrounding elements. When placed with the dining table, your new chairs should be at an appropriate height and width. If you want to save up the space, go for armless chairs that can be easily slid under the table.


Always keep in mind that the form of the dining chairs should blend well with the table. For example, chairs with round seats may not look best with a rectangular table. They will only compliment an oval or round dining table. However, square seats will go well with any shape of the table. 


If you have a wooden dining table embellished with exquisite elements giving off vintage vibes, choose chairs with cabriole legs to form a perfect seating arrangement in the dining room. However, if it’s a glass table, you can go for metallic chairs with sleek legs and a gleaming finish.


Ideally, it’s advisable to think of multiple possibilities when buying any piece of Furniture, and the same goes with the dining chairs. Depending on the situation, you can easily use these as side chairs or occasional chairs in the bedroom or living room. For this, it would be best to buy light-weight chairs with sophisticated designs that look good in every part of the house.

Tips to Arrange Dining Chairs Like a Pro

There is no standard method of decorating your dining room. As per the latest practices, you can arrange the dining chairs with your dining table using the following ways:

Matching chairs with the table

Conventionally, people choose a dining table set whereby all the Chairs match precisely the same and match the table perfectly. This helps create uniformity in the space. However, that also means that those chairs may not look equally good in other areas of the house.

Head and Side Combination

In this arrangement, the head and end are decked up with statement chairs, and then the sides are filled with four or more chairs that are similar to each other. This method is functional when you have a rectangular or oval dining table with a capacity of 6+ occupants.

Mix and Match

In this style, you can use mismatched chairs whereby each piece is unique yet binds the space together. It will look best when you create an industrial style or bohemian dining room.