Living Room Chairs: Seek the Right Comfort and Style

When buying the perfect chair for your living room, it's imperative to determine what style suits the interiors while considering the comfort level you are looking for. If you have a small living room with a three-seater sofa, you may want to add upholstered chairs to expand the seating. If it's a swanky space, you can go for a comfy armchair and place it in the corner of the room. 

There are endless possibilities of decorating your living space with chairs. That's Living has an extensive collection of different styles of chairs that accentuate your living room while offering great functionality and form. Simply browse through and select from a myriad of options to buy the best chairs from some top luxury furniture brands like Theodore Alexander, Eichholtz, Bernhardt, and Caracole.

Varieties of Living Room Chairs in That's Living Collection

Buying a luxury chair on That's Living is a simple process, but before that, you must decide what kind of chair you want for your house. Depending on your requirements and interior setting, there are various styles to choose from. Get a detailed look at the kind of chairs available on our platform:

Swivel chairs: 

Mounted on a swivel base, these chairs are not just aesthetically pleasing but also quite functional. Among these, you will get a wide variety of upholstery, colors, shapes, and designs. Some are shell-shaped, some flaunt a cut-out, some have an exposed base, and some have a simple look. 

Wingback Chairs: 

These chairs are designed with wings to help you relax your arms and back. Usually, these are placed near the fireplace where you sit back and read your favorite book or engage in meaningful conversations with your folks. 

Club Chairs: 

In the old days, all Gentlemen's clubs used to have these chairs where men would sit and indulge in some quality time away from their houses. Often, these were made of leather and were associated with the high class. 


Armchairs are usually meant for relaxing your arms and elbows while you sit in the room and socialize. On That's Living, we have several accent armchairs that help you add a sense of character to your space while ensuring your comfort.

Occasional Chairs: 

The chairs added to space for extra seating and do not form a part of the room otherwise are called occasional chairs. These statement pieces transform the ambiance or simply blend in with the existing Living Room Furniture

Barrel Chairs: 

Usually, these chairs feature one large upholstered piece with a curved back and no separate legs making it look like a barrel. However, nowadays, there are different barrel chairs available in the market. 

How To Choose The Right Living Room Chair

When you decide to buy a chair for your living room, there are numerous things to determine. Every minor factor can affect your choices, from placement to purpose. Here are some key points to keep in mind when choosing the right chair for your living room

Ensure it's the right size and fits the space without overcrowding the room. 

Buy a chair that solves your purpose. For accent decor, get a pair of chairs rich in texture and design. You can go for upholstered chairs that match your Sofa for comfortable seating.

To place a chair in a corner or by the fireplace, you can get a wingback or an armchair with a Throw Pillow for your comfort.

For extending the seating capacity, get an elegant accent chair and pair it with an Ottoman for perfect aesthetics.