Mirrors – Shaping Interiors!

A home becomes exclusive when the interior decor is distinguished. In order to spruce it up and enhance its beauty, mirrors can make a huge difference. They can be used in multiple ways, besides the obvious as to check your appearance now and then. Being an intriguing Home Decor element, a luxury mirror transforms void corners and ordinary hallways into pretty areas. That’s Living offers fancy decor pieces that give an elevating shift to your space, including an artistic collection of mirrors. 

Wall Mirrors That Cater To Every Area Of Your Abode 

Every portion of your home depicts a different decor scheme and to play with mirrors around, it is useful to know their distinguished types to have contemporary aesthetics. Listed next are the types of wall mirrors for all the prominent areas of your abode.

Foyer/Hallway Mirrors: Usually round in shape, foyer mirrors get an intricately-designed frame to get maximum attention by the guests at the entrance area itself. Not just that, this elegant piece installed in the hallway will help you check your last-minute look when you’re heading out.

Living Room Mirrors: 

This place has endless decor possibilities and fixing a statement mirror opposite a big window or any unembellished wall is a nice idea to make the room look bigger and brighter. 

Bathroom Mirrors:

A big, rectangular mirror can be hung on the basin’s top to get a full view. If the bathroom is small, a full-length mirror will create the illusion of space and depth, giving a feeling that the area is doubled up.

Textured Wall Mirrors: 

One of the prettiest schemes modern homes follow is the textured/feature wall. Browse the timeless pieces available at That’s Living, perfect for adding a decor pop to any of your decorated walls.

Bedroom Mirrors: 

Apart from a sophisticated mirror atop your Dressing Unit, your bedroom can have random, statement mirrors in shapes of round, square, or anything dramatic. A juxtaposition of different shapes and sizes invites contemporary vibes with appealing visuals.

Mirror Frames: 

If you have still got the traditional taste which reflects in your decor too, then go for antique mirrors designed with aged frames and pristine-looking finishes. It will undoubtedly become the focal point of your place.

Luxury Brands To Buy Mirrors From At That’s Living  

Selecting a mirror for the walls, bathroom, vanity, living room, or any other corner of the home is very mindful. Depending on the quality, size, shape, and durability, designer mirrors should be selected. Make it trouble-free with That’s Living! Explore our popular luxury brands, Regina Andrew, Eichholtz, Caracole, Bernhardt, and Theodore Alexander, to shop exquisite mirrors online. Well-known in the world of furnishings and home decor, these labels offer a myriad of fresh and artful mirror designs that establish dramatic interest, decorate dimensions, and add beauty to any space.