Upgrade Your Decor with Luxury Dining Tables

Your Dining Room is a special place for the whole family to bond and enjoy meals together. And the dining table forms a focal point of this space. It's an essential element of the room that decides the kind of environment you wish to create for your folks. You can pick a table with a glass top for a contemporary setting or a wooden unit with turned legs that give off vintage vibes. 

At That's Living, we have an extensive collection of dining tables ranging from sculpted beauties to minimalistic pieces by some of the world's well-known brands like Caracole, Eichholtz, and Bernhardt. This means you get an assurance of high quality while beautifying your space as per your taste. 

Types of Dining Tables Shapes and Their Significance in Decor

The shape of a dining table has a significant impact on the interior setting. Here are some typical dining table shapes and their significance in setting the tone of home decor:


It's the most common dining table type that aims to create a formal setting, especially at events. It is used to accommodate 4-6 people in contemporary settings. Pair your rectangular dining table with upholstered chairs to create the perfect dining set.


Much like the rectangular tables, the square ones save a lot of space and exhibit a substantial form. These are best suited for intimate settings with up to 4 people to accommodate. You can also place this table against the wall and pair it with armless chairs.


A round dining table reflects a softer form and is ideal for smaller spaces. Due to its rounded edges, you can pair it with multiple Dining Chairs at a time. It is perfect for hosting an informal gathering in your penthouse apartment.


These tables are well suited for larger spaces and easily accommodate 6-8 people. Pair them with chairs having arched backrests to ensure consistency of shape and structure.

Choosing the Perfect Dining Table to Create an Elegant Space

Buying a dining table for the house requires a lot of planning. Keep in mind the following aspects before you choose one:


The most common forms are round, square, oval, and rectangular dining room tables. The structure of your table has a lot to do with how it appears, but it also has a lot to do with how well it fits into your dining area. 


In terms of beauty and longevity, the material of your new dining table set is critical. Consider how you'll use your dining table and what kind of materials will be best to clean and maintain the Furniture.

Seating Capacity

Of course, the seating capacity of your dining table is the most critical thing to consider. Assess if you'll be regularly hosting big gatherings or it will be sufficient to place a table that can accommodate 4-6 people at a time. Take your time with this since it will most likely be one of the most used items in your house.