Spruce Up Your Bedroom With A Chic Nightstand

More than a dumping ground to your glasses, phone, medicines, and other bedtime goodies, a nightstand can serve as a decor element for your Bedroom and give it a character. The aesthetic appeal and utility go hand-in-hand with a chic nightstand, and it can also make the room look balanced if it is selected as per the existing decor scheme of the place. Exclusive pieces at That’s Living will certainly get you one that matches your room composition!

Nightstand And Bedside Table – The Difference 

Though people use the terms bedside table and nightstand interchangeably, there is a slight difference between the two. The nightstand implies a small bedside table that balances the appearance and style of your bedroom while also providing convenient surface and storage with a stack of drawers. In comparison, the other one may or may not have bedside cabinets, as it is not necessary for it to provide storage. Atop the bedside table, you can put items you might need while in bed.

How To Choose A Nightstand To Make The Most Of It 

Bedroom nightstands add to your comfort by being an ultimate accompaniment to your bed. But, choosing the right one needs careful consideration. From the wide options available at That’s Living, the task becomes a cakewalk. However, this short buying guide will help you buy the best fit for your space. 


The nightstand’s height must be equal to or slightly higher than the bed so that the things are handy when you need them at bedtime. 

Decorative Purposes

A stylish nightstand with a glass top or made of wood makes it a piece to adore and used for decorative purposes like displaying plants, artifacts, and table lamps.


It should provide efficient storage to stash your essentials, including eye masks, notepads, earplugs, medicines, etc. Consider buying a nightstand with more drawers or open shelving that not only organizes your stuff but also makes you reach them easily. 


Nightstands play a very important part in designing bedroom interiors; hence, their material should complement other furniture units around. Wooden nightstands offer rich motifs and appeal to any decor setting instantly. Other options may include rattan/wicker and metal.

Buy Nightstands At That’s Living From These Top-Selling Brands! 

The top brands at That’s Living, namely Caracole, Theodore Alexander, and Bernhardt, offer a variety of designs and styles for nightstands. From something with a simple silhouette to a fully embellished mirrored unit, you can find endless options to choose the most suitable product that is appealing and functional at the same time. Given are the reckoned brands that we are associated with.


One of the biggest furniture-manufacturing firms globally, Bernhardt has won AHFA's environmental excellence awards for their robust furniture designs and performances. 


Caracole creates high-end, stylish furnishing ranges that give your space a whole new personality and character. 

Theodore Alexander

Theodore Alexander Furniture units are made with a timeless appeal that exudes exceptional craftsmanship and iconic expressions of the creators.