Dazzle Up Your Home with Stylish Floor Lights!

A great piece of furniture stands out only if the lighting around it is perfect. Floor lamps, one of the easiest ways to encourage premium lighting, dazzle up any space instantly by giving ambient illumination. They help balance out the visuals present on the ceiling and wall. Explore the extraordinary designs of modern floor lamps available at That's Living and blend it out with the furniture setting around to achieve a plush look. You can add a striking visual impression to your abode with them.

What Are Floor Lamps And Their Advantages

Designed to stand still on the floor, these tall lamps accentuate the space with higher lighting. The common design features they own are a weighted base that stabilizes the positioning of the lamp, more than one switch to operate it, a lampshade to shield the eyes from direct glare, etc. The advantages of floor lamps include


They elevate your space and give the illusion that the space is wide. They give your eyes a balance with the Lighting present on the ceiling and walls. Also, they have the power to create a dramatic effect in the room.


Floor lamps are not just installed for elevating the ambiance of your space but also with a purpose behind them. They can be used as a reading lamp, a stand-alone lighting solution, or to marry other lighting ranges in the room with respect to color and style. 


No matter what style you own for your Home Décor, these lamps very well complement the overall aesthetic. They have a chic quotient which gives your room a great feel.


Floor lamps are easy to install, unlike other lighting fixtures. With an easy and straightforward installation, you can have your space decked up as and when you wish. 

Types Of Floor Lamps For Different Places Around The Home 

The choices for the given category are huge, and you can well curate the styles yourself for every room of your abode. Here’s a quick inspiration for your reference

Floor lamps for living room

The Living Room is the heart of the home, and you can use tripod floor lamps or wood floor lamps to illuminate its vibe. 

Bedroom Floor Lamps

Bedrooms are private spaces, and we all want to have the best lighting solutions there for a cozy and pleasant ambiance. An artistic piece beside both the bed corners would make a difference instantly.   

Dining room floor lamps

The Dining Room requires enough lighting, but at the same time, you would not want anything barging at you. And for that, an ideal choice would be a tall lamp, arc lamp, or pieces with contemporary motifs. Gold and silver finished units are again the game-changers.

Buy Best Floor Lamps Online At That’s Living!

One of the easy home-decor add-ons, floor lamps can make spaces lively and abundant with other Home Furnishing Staples or perhaps as a stand-alone piece. Be it blending them with the current plot or installing them from scratch; they very well know how to shower their grace around. We offer a variety of floor lamps from the world's reckoned lighting brand, Regina Andrew, to make you spellbound with uber-impressive models. Assess your area aptly to install that perfect piece with That's Living!