Luxury Furniture: Explore High-End Pieces That Reflect Your Style

The importance of luxury furniture lies beyond its visual appeal. High-end furnishings weave a room together while reflecting your true personality, as per your choices. Irrespective of the style and size of the house, good-quality furniture always brings out the best in your interiors. 

To help you buy the best luxury furniture online, That's Living offers a well-curated selection of quality furnishings by popular luxury brands. Simply browse and choose the most suitable pieces for your elegant and stylish interior.

Key Considerations When Buying Luxury Furniture

Buying luxury furniture is a one-time investment, hence all the important parameters should be considered carefully. Here is a list of key factors that you need to be acquainted with before exploring the world of luxury furniture.


Before you buy new furniture, make sure it belongs to a reputed brand that complies with the industry standards and offers distinguished designs. At That's Living, you will find some of the world’s most popular brands like Eichholtz, Theodore Alexander, Caracole, and Bernhardt, known for their inspired themes and innovative designs.


Keep a check on the colour scheme, the interior setting, the proportion of the room, and a balance between shapes when furnishing your house. If you already have a sofa in your living room, look for an end table and a lamp that can put the room together in a harmonious way.


Quality is an essential aspect of any product, no matter where you buy it. Make sure to buy items that comply with industry standards and offer durability.


Apart from the aesthetics, you may also want to check how functional the furnishings are for your space. When it comes to furniture pieces like a chest of drawers or even a nightstand, you will find a wide array of products on That's Living that are highly functional and equally decorative. 

Spruce Up Your Interiors With Our Extensive Collection

At That's Living, you will find furniture for every nook and corner of your abode, starting from the foyer to the bedroom. The luxury furniture is broadly categorized as follows:

Living Room Furniture

Right from the couch that you use to entertain your guests to the console you place below your TV set, our Living Room Furniture Collection has everything you need. Go through the wide range of sizes, styles, designs, and materials to find the perfect match for your space.

Dining Room Furniture

Whether it's a good seating arrangement for dining or storage space to keep the dishes, the Dining Room Furniture Collection on That's Living will ensure a delightful experience for you.

Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom is the most important part of the house, and we understand that. Keeping in view the high standards and rich taste of our elite users, our Bedroom Furniture Collection features some ultra-stylish pieces that accentuate the space and reflect high functionality.

Types of Furniture Designs You Need to Know

Before buying high-end furnishings, you must gather sufficient knowledge of the varieties and styles available in the market. Here are some of the most popular furniture designs:


The traditional furniture design recreates the old décor with a European flair. These designs emphasize beauty and simplicity.


Modern furniture style is characterized by clean and crisp lines, a basic design, a neutral color palette, and ‘cold’ materials, all of which have a feeling of simplicity.


The term ‘contemporary furniture design’ refers to a style focused on current times. The style of contemporary furniture is sleek, thoughtful, functional, and embraces minimalism.


Transitional furniture is another popular furniture type in today's home interiors, combining the finest of contemporary and classic styles.

Mid-century Modern

This furniture style belongs to the middle of the 20th Century, exhibiting characteristics like geometric shapes, organic patterns, contradicting materials and textures, and bringing a touch of nature to the indoors.

That's Living - Your One Stop Destination For Best Luxury Furniture In Qatar

That's Living is an ideal platform for buying the best luxury furniture in Qatar as we have a wide range of products from some of the most popular brands. Apart from a category-wise compilation, we have a LookBook section where you can get a glimpse of perfectly styled living spaces and explore all the modern luxury furniture and accessories featured on the page.