Dressers & Chests – An Efficient Storage Solution! 

Dressers & Chests are a necessity in today's fast-paced life. From helping us get ready for a party to storing almost everything, they make the most of themselves and keep the Bedroom tidy and sorted. Today, modern cum functional dressers get the most attention from the buyers to blend the furniture unit with the contemporary interior decor scheme of the home. That said, the curated collection at That’s Living is too good to be missed.

How Is Dressers Different From Chests

Dressers and chests of drawers are frequently mistaken for one another; however, the factor that distinguishes them is their silhouette. A chest of drawers is designed to be wider in shape. It is usually divided into two drawers and three stacks. This stacking allows the user to get more space in compact room setups. On the other hand, a dresser is a tall cabinet with lots of drawers. It was traditionally used to store clothes and often accompanied by a large mirror for grooming purposes.

Uses of Dressing tables & Chests

Dressing tables and chests can be used in various ways as per your needs. For example, tabletop Mirrors and armoires with drawers are both excellent options for extra storage. Chest of drawers can be utilized to safeguard important documents. One can also consider adding magnifying mirrors to the dresser top for precise make-up work. It can also be used to charge the mobile phone overnight with a bedside dock with a USB connector. Hence, there are multiple ways in which we can unlock the potential of the Furniture unit – as a storage option, a make-up area, or even a place to sit and unwind after a long day. It is both attractive and utilitarian.

Various Styles of Dressers To Redefine Elegance

Dressing tables come in a variety of styles and colors, and they add a new appearance and feel to your bedroom. They obtain various impressive patterns that appeal to you at once. Here’s the classification of dressing tables in terms of style. 

Traditional Dressing Tables

These are conventional dressing tables providing a royal look with a huge, oval mirror so you can examine your entire look at once. These add an appealing touch to your traditional taste and are best suited with a bygone-inspired scheme.

Lighting Modern Dressing tables

These tables are futuristic with high-raised mirrors, and they feature a light strip around the mirror for a better view. Hence, these studio-quality dressing tables are suitable if you fancy ambient lighting in the bedroom. 

Large Dressing Tables

These are dressing tables with excessive storage. They feature a big mirror and a broad countertop for items to display. This is an excellent option if you have an oversized bedroom and want additional storage just about anywhere.

Buy Dressers And Chests Online At That’s Living

Browse state-of-the-art dressers & chests available at That’s Living for a visual uplift in your bedroom. The highly advanced pieces with regards to design are offered by world-famous furnishing brands, namely Caracole, Theodore Alexander, and Bernhardt. Adding them to your space will help enhance the beauty and utility altogether!