Bowls – A Chic Enhancement To Premium Dinnerware

A bowl is defined as a useful utensil in the kitchen that serves the purpose of serving. However, their practicality has not been confined to the kitchen lately. Besides being paired with just about any meal or dish that can be displayed individually or a part of your tablescape, the serving bowl set can be an excellent gifting option or a decorative unit around the home. Having a classic collection will get you all the praises from your guests. 

At That's living, we offer a variety of bowls in different and elegant motifs. Our modern yet traditional range comprises casual and timeless pieces that will marry your kitchenware. These modern bowls, made of high-quality porcelain, are perfect for serving evening snacks, ramen, and designing interiors too!

How To Use Bowls In Different Ways Around Home

Churn on the creative wheels of your mind to use bowls differently around your home. Being a versatile decorative item, serving bowls are as functional in the interior design as they are on the table. Here are some creative ways to use them just about anywhere around the home:

On Nightstands & Bedroom Dressers: 

Is your Nightstand loaded with stuff that it becomes difficult for you to make space for your smartphone, mobile charger, and other small items? Fetch them easily from a large serving bowl. Make it seated on the Dressing Table or the nightstand to keep things come-at-able.

As Key Bowls: 

One of the other interesting ways to organize your house and car keys is to have a serving bowl assigned as a key bowl. It can be kept on the foyer table, adding to the decor element as well.

In Bathrooms:

Keep your personal care items in bowls because why not? Bathroom cabinets are not always enough to store everything you need. Also, small serving bowls placed one after the other can perfectly organize the toiletries and other things.

As Plant Holders:

This is one such creative idea that can look beautiful around the home. Not only does a bowl as a plant holder add to the aesthetics but it also makes the abode look natural and vibrant. Many types of bowls have elongated shapes that can be used as pots for plants.

Varieties of Serving Bowls   

Choosing a suitable serving bowl can turn a good party into a great one! Made with stylish accents, polished hues, and durable construction, these units pave the way for class and functionality. Porcelain Bowls are highly durable and reusable. Since they’re synthetically made, breaking them is extremely difficult, and that makes them the right choice to store foods. 

From stylish neutrals to soothing pastels, the color scheme of these bowls brings a sense of sophistication. The delightful collection at That’s Living is styled by avant-garde artists. Also, it comes in various prints that can be decorous and give your dining space a modern cum traditional look. The shapely dishes from Porcel are inspired by the bygone Portuguese art that will certainly make heads turn.