Elevate Your Home Decor With Regina Andrew Lighting

Contributing significantly in amplifying the home’s visuals are the lights. They balance the mood of the space by offering functionality and depicting your personal taste. With different types of lights and contemporary home decor & furnishings around all areas, the chic factor will remain top-notch. Regina Andrew offers plenty of creative designs. One can find the sleek adaptation of best styling concepts and ideas from across the globe in the Regina Andrew Lighting collection. Designers have paid much attention to small details to create unique and rare motifs that make homes shine. Browse That’s Living to get wholesome varieties from the popular brand. 

Types Of Lighting Range Offered By Regina Andrew


Regina Andrew’s Chandelier Collection is for everyone who loves quality decorative items. It has multiple designs to choose from for both small and big-sized homes.

Sconce & Wall Lamps

The brand truly has a wide variety of Wall Sconce and Lamps, each with a one-of-a-kind sculpture and lighting system. Installed with durable bulbs and are adequate in height, these units help create a decent yet modern look. 

Floor Lamps

Regina Andrew Floor Lamps are the must-haves for your home if you fancy a charming aura around. Designers have done their best to offer excellent motifs and intriguing patterns that positively amplify the ambiance of the space.

Table & Mini Lamps

Enhance the environment of your study room with the Regina Andrew Table Lamps that offer ample lighting all around the workspace. These units are also fashionably attractive and blend perfectly with other furniture companions. 

Different Ways To Use Lighting Solutions At Home

As High-End Modern Lights

A good mix of high-end lights and designer furnishings can uplift the decor sight instantly without much effort. Regina Andrew’s collection of Chandeliers, Sconces & Wall Lamps, Floor Lamps, and Table Lamps are available in different shades and shapes to add a pop of color to your space.

As Per Their Functionality 

Not just the aesthetics but the functionality of the lights is also one of the important aspects while installing them. Chandeliers work great in central seating areas and open foyers as they are second to none in offering dazzling illumination. On the other side, wall sconces are suitable in bedrooms or for Lighting by the way. Task-specific lights like table lamps suit best around desks and Nightstands to make the working area gracefully illuminated.   

As Per the Room Space

Improper illumination in the room can make it look cramped. With exquisite designs and natural lighting range, one can get a pleasant ambiance and balance the chaos of furnishings around. Sheer drapes, large windows, and ceiling lights in the dark rooms can help accentuate the wall colors, adding to the visual appearance. If the home lacks natural light, wall sconces and floor lamps give the rooms a definition and brighten up the interiors as if they are big.