Eichholtz – Defining Class & Luxury!  

With innovative and luxurious furniture, the place looks welcoming not just for your guests but for you too. Whether it’s the dazzling living room or the mediocre hallway, the personal touch with class furnishings can entirely transform the mood of the space and give it a fresh appeal. When it comes to defining class and luxury, the most reputable and well-known brand across the world, Eichholtz, rejoices for being stand out – count on top-notch sophistication and elegance in lighting solutions, furniture range, home accessories, and whatnot! 

At That’s Living, there are modern interpretations of antique furniture and artifacts that make interiors distinguished from the regular contemporary counterparts. A wide variety of living room staples, including sofa, chairs, coffee & cocktail tables, side tables, and many more, are offered in classic designs to complement your decor. With the alluring lighting range, Eichholtz helps create the right mood for tranquillity, celebrations, fun gatherings, and just about anything in between. From chandeliers to pendants, the iconic styles will not make you settle for just one!

The Exquisite Collection At A Glance 

Eichholtz promises to bring a new spirit to home decor by boasting an up-to-the-minute collection inspired by fresh colors and shapes. The varying motifs in each collection will find you something as per your decorating style. It contains easy-care designs that resist fading and warping and add an element of timelessness to today's fast-paced world. The exquisite collection at That’s Living offers a wide range of home decor, furniture, and lighting. The categories are at a glance here.

Living Room Furniture 

Creating spaces to relax and have entertainment is simple when you have the right furniture. Eichholtz helps you furnish your living room with various styles and finishes. Sofas and seating are unique, modern, and elegant here. They use various premium materials with a sense of craftsmanship to give you the best choices rendering both comfort and style. From traditional chesterfields to heavily-cushioned tufted couches, the motifs are timeless! Intriguing and distinguished, the coffee and cocktail table collection is yet another promising range offering unmatched luxury. With sofa sets, you may find living room chairs to complement the overall look and bind it together. No matter what you choose, it’s easy to combine and create a fresh look with the opulent statement pieces offered by Eichholtz.

Lighting & Mirrors 

Lighting & Mirrors by Eichholtz represent classic profiles made to the highest quality standards in manufacturing. From gorgeous chandeliers to creative Wall Sconces, the visual blend is endless to adore. That said, mirrors reflect all the creative work you have done. Dramatic designs, appealing contrasts, and abstract shapes make their mirror range truly appealing. Plus, Eichholtz provides a wide range of other lighting accessories that are both useful and decorative.

Home Accessories & Rugs 

It has always been said that exquisite furnishings alone do not have the ability to round out the desired look, it’s the home accessories that make things magical. Interesting concepts in the decor range from Eichholtz will take your abode to the next level. Made from quality materials and an ultimate design thought behind each craft are the reasons why the brand is known for its iconic offerings. Hand-woven rugs in muted and over-dramatic shades have fascinating impressions that match the contemporary vibe of the interiors.