Hudson Valley: A Secret To Dazzling Interiors 

There are many tools that make your home top-notch and help in creating a beautiful interior design scheme. Often overlooked, however, is the lighting that allows you to represent your personality exquisitely. Without good lighting, all the well-installed details – luxurious furnishings, wall art, and flooring – look faded and don’t make much impact. Not just for a pleasant and homely mood but for safety and security reasons as well, lighting makes the most of it. Here we bring you the elegant and modern decor solutions from Hudson Valley, a well-known brand that offers intriguing motifs to make your home look beautiful. From classic Chandeliers to Wall Sconces to Pendants, you can find the best-of-class collection at That's Living

All About The Brand Hudson Valley Lighting

Hudson Valley Lighting is a well-respected company dedicated to creating innovative, energy-efficient Lighting fixtures that are energy-star-rated. Boasting a myriad of styles, the brand’s idea behind each of its pieces is to create an out-of-the-box experience for its customers. The collection is always ahead of the market trend and offers profuse engineering skills in the craft. Furthermore, they also pledge a lifetime guarantee on all of their units. Many of their customers, including architects, interior designers, and homeowners, have always known Hudson Valley for offering quality lighting fixtures that make them an excellent brand.

Best Hudson Valley Products at That’s Living

Lighting enhances the features of your home, which no other element can do in a better way. Be it the opulent vibe with chandeliers in the living room decor scheme or a sophisticated balancing required in the bedroom with pendant lights or wall sconces, Hudson Valley designs elevate any space and make it a statement. At That's Living, we’ve carefully selected some of the brand’s most popular products and showcased them online for you to browse through!


Hudson valley Chandeliers are perfect for a highly-considerable update to your home. From simple pendant designs to grand chandeliers with crystal embellishments, these decorative fixtures come in a vast range and add character to any space.

Pendants & Ceiling Lamps

Pendants & Ceiling Lamps spruce up tiny corners well. These units come in a spectrum of finishes and styles and can be paired with any contemporary decor.

Sconces & Wall Lamps 

Wall Sconces or wall lamps are the modern staples added to dazzle homes. If something minimal yet elegant entices you, install them and see the aesthetic upliftment then and there.

Buying Hudson Valley Staples? Here's What You Can't Miss

When it comes to buying a Hudson Valley Lighting fixture, one should keep in mind a few important things before placing an order. Of course, needs and choices are personal, but general considerations can easily help get the right product.

Have The Purpose

For instance, if you want a lamp specifically for reading, make sure the lights you are purchasing are bright enough to satisfy your needs.

Measure The Space

If you want a light for a table or on a mantle, consider how much space you have and if there is any hardware arrangement to install the lamps.

Compatibility And Right Size

Remember that some fixtures require a different Bulb type than others. Be sure that your new light matches your requirements. Make sure that the bulb you choose is compatible with the fixture itself, and choose the right size which can go well with your bulb holder.