Enjoy The Perfect Dining Experience With Porcel!

Good food is important. But how it is served makes all the difference! Porcel tableware brings class to the table and enhances the dining pleasure. The right set of Plates, Bowls, and other visually appealing table essentials can make it attractive and stylish enough for not just home parties but regular usage as well. For centuries, people have enjoyed meals from porcelain. It is highly durable, easy to care for, versatile in multiple designs and sizes, and completely dishwasher safe. Walk in a gorgeous wonderland of Porcel’s limitless designs, shapes, and sizes at That’s Living! Circles, lines, droplets, ripples, geometric patterns, abstract art, and a decent range of colors add to your dining experience. Moreover, the glaze works wonders with most of its offerings. 

Best-In-Class Product Range To Choose From

With wide varieties, the process of choosing the perfect tableware becomes facile. The unlimited range of the best-in-class Porcel products at That’s Living provides multiple colors, designs, shapes, and sizes. Inspired by Portuguese craftsmanship, all of the below-mentioned units elevate your dining experience perfectly.


Porcel’s plate collection certainly makes the most of it. Circular and oval in shapes, these pretty units gain maximum attention for the subtle colors, golden rim, and a bit of intricate art on them. From dinner plates to pickle dishes, the range is quite impressive. 


Ideal for mixing, storing, and transporting different types of food, the bowls help a lot in the kitchen and the table. They are lightweight and stackable, adding convenience during transportation. On the aesthetic, they clad a poised appeal that uplifts the overall visuals.

Tea and Coffee Mugs 

To make the tea parties high on visuals, get your hands on the Porcel Tea & Coffee Mugs range. The indigo blue prints, embossed designs, and cornucopia patterns look utterly stylish and bring back the Portuguese embellishments in a modern manner.

Kitchen Storage 

Porcel offers Kitchen Storage units with the same excellence and sophistication as they do with tableware. To keep your kitchen clutter-free, the exclusive collection of boxes, jars, and compote sets are offered that are as functional as fashionable. 

What Does Porcel Offer To The Table? 

Inviting Porcel to the table means adding versatility and grace that no one can stop praising at. Top-notch designs, intricate art, intriguing visuals, and sheer practicality make a beautiful atmosphere around the table. Here’s why they offer a lasting impression.

Fresh And Appealing

The first thought that comes to mind while setting the table is the eclectic presentation of tableware. Porcel does this job smoothly as everything is a statement in itself. The appealing collection is fresh and evergreen, no matter when you bring it to the forefront. 

It’s All About The Details

You will get glaze, patterns, colors, shapes, art, and whatnot on the structures. It is all about the fine details offered in the range that know no bounds. 

Bringing Nature 

It’s not always the greens that bring nature to the home; the right tableware makes this possible too. Their designs reflect a soothing calm that is earthy and natural to the eyes. Ocean blue, sapphire green, blush rose, and other subtle colors invite a natural charm. 

Old Yet Contemporary Charm

The exquisite Portuguese art embossed and printed on the Porcel tableware advances a classic appeal – old in a manner that the craftsmen bring the bygone era back and contemporary so that their illustrations are truly modern.