Decorative Serving Trays and Stands

One of the staple equipment pieces in the kitchen is the serving trays and stands. Often, we do not give much attention to these units, but they work tough in the household–beyond the basic tasks that they are associated with. That’s Living showcases a rich collection of stylish serving platters that will surely grab the eyeballs of your guests. From bold shades radiating contemporary luxury to subtle plain units for a calming visual presence, the variety serves all! 

Interesting Ways To Use Serving Trays 

A serving tray can be used in multiple ways at home to make the busy life easier and sorted. Probably the small and lightweight kitchen piece can do big wonders. Let’s see how.

Storing Bits & Bobs:

Many times we see several small things roaming here and there unnecessarily around the home. Trays can be their best companions and keep such bits & bobs in one place.

As Decorative Units: 

An embellished serving tray can instantly elevate the look of your coffee table if adorned with a small set of Pretty Candles, a stack of new books, fresh flowers, fruits, and small decorative pieces. 

As Dressing Units: 

Luxury serving platters do not compromise on the rich looks, and that makes them a piece to flaunt your vanity essentials. Also, it organizes the dressing table top effectively. Gather your lotions, perfumes, reading glasses and whatnot to settle them on serving trays.

Aptly Performs Bed Duty: 

The best thing about service tray stands is that they can be comfortably positioned in your bed. If you are a comfort lover and want to relish mouth-watering dishes in bed while watching TV or browsing the internet, these units perform bed duty quite well.

That's Living – Offering Irresistible Serving Tray Designs

Are you looking for a trendy collection of serving trays that also blends well with your Kitchen & Dining Decor? Look no further. Keeping luxury and utility at par, That’s Living has a lot to offer with serving trays and stands. Whether bringing practical benefits to your household or decorating Living Rooms and Dining Rooms, the irresistible kitchen serving tray decor will do the honours for you.

When talking about the classic pieces, we are associated with renowned home-decor luxury brands such as Eichholtz, Regina Andrew, and Porcel. All three boast different style elements to their products. Porcel, in particular, is known for crafting artfully textured pieces in bright colours that take you back to the Portuguese era. The fine craftsmanship is delicate and rich in looks and produced with high-quality porcelain. Regina Andrew and Eichholtz, on the other hand, keep it opulent and classy with shades of whites and pastels.