Invite An Olfactory With Baobab Candles & Diffusers!

The most underrated companion to your beautiful furnishings is the candles and diffusers! Not many understand the pleasant vibe they offer to the home, along with the luxurious decor accessories. Fragrances impact the overall aesthetics and help create a calm vibe. When it comes to setting an olfactory, the name that can’t be missed is Baobab. Inspired by the enchanting landscape of Tanzania, the brand’s collection offers rich colors and bewitching perfumes in its candle figures. At That’s Living, the enticing Baobab range features exotic exclusives that are not just visually excellent but don’t compromise on the heavenly sensory fragrances too.

The Inspiration Behind The Baobab Collection

Baobab is the brand that has made its name in the world for a thing as simple and delicate as Candles and Diffusers. With its roots in Tanzania’s captivating perfumes and an innovative mind from Belgium, it has stayed true to European craftsmanship and excellence. A myriad of stunning designs in candles and diffusers are made of either high-quality hand-blown glass or metal wrapped in precious leather.

Scented candles not only bring luxury to your abode but are auspicious as well. Choose Baobab for an inviting and warm atmosphere that instantly uplifts your mood and brings the most delightful and intricate art with candles, holders, and diffusers. 

The Best-In-Class Collections Available At That’s Living!

Naming the unmatched collection of candles, Baobab mainly showcases the African heritage in the All Seasons range comprising eleven colors and soothing fragrances. Voyaging to the Pacific, the Pearls collection is made up of precious gemstones that have the Pacific roots for the past fifty years. What’s more, the other collections take you to the pyramids of Egypt, the frontiers of China, and the Steppes of Russia.

Eye-catching designs of the candle holders live up to everyone’s taste. Their intricate patterns on a modern structure provide a visual elevation to the room. They are made of the highest quality that will persist in your luxurious style for a long time. 

Baobab Buying Guide – Finding Ideal Fragrances!

If you adore the exotic fragrances that linger in their essence for a long time, there are a few things to consider before you decide which one lives up to your taste the best. 


The quality of the candles and diffusers is the foremost thing to consider. Baobab assures the same as their highest priority. Their motive is to provide top-notch candles crafted with premium wax that prevents space toxicity.

Different categories 

Any individual who admires exotic fragrances would be well aware of the diverse incense options available. Which one you should choose depends on the ambiance you desire. Have a thorough check on the diverse fragrance options available to make a habitable aura around.  


Baobab offers multiple options in diffusers, starting from its reputed collections of Paris and Manhattan to the popular and high-demanding Pearls and Feathers.

Different incense for different areas

Different scents for respective areas are a great way to indicate the room's purpose. This helps in increased focus and productivity.