Premium Teaware & Coffeeware At That’s Living 

A lot of tea and coffee lovers would know the classic varieties of these beverages that revitalize their mornings and evenings; however, what may be lesser known is the different types of tools that make them enjoy these more. The premium tea & coffee collection at That’s Living makes you fall for them at first sight. Be it the design, the shape, the color, or the intriguing art; each piece holds artisanal skills that one can’t resist owning.

All About That’s Living’s Tea & Coffee Accessories Range

As many varieties as there are in tea and coffee, the same is with teaware and coffeeware. An ideal teapot or sauce boat can change your tea game, and with the best of their knowledge, you can be the connoisseur of these units. Here is the interesting collection That’s Living offers:

Tea Cups & Saucers: 

Starting with the very basic, a cup & saucer set is a complete unit to relish hot tea. Available in a variety of designs at That’s Living, each of these sets boasts intricate craft on the duo inspired by the Portuguese era.


Usually seen in western tea culture, a teapot is one of the most common teawares. The classic varieties at That’s Living lets you store 4 to 5 cups of beverage at a time. Designed gracefully, the collection exemplifies luxury then and there.

Sugar Bowl:

One of the key ingredients that retains the taste of tea or coffee is sugar. A sugar bowl close at hand makes it easy to add the necessary amount of sugar or sugar cube in the beverage as per one’s need. That’s Living’s beautiful sugar compots make you go grab one in no time!


Designed like a jug, a creamer is a small pitcher that carries cream or milk to be poured in coffee or tea while serving them hot or cold. The exquisite collection of creamers at That’s Living is elegant, regal, and crafted intricately.

Top-Notch Tea & Coffee Sets – Brands We Are Associated With

When it comes to selecting well-curated tea & coffee accessories at That’s Living, it is none other than Porcel that steals the show. One of the highly admired brands around the world, Porcel is known for its finely-designed porcelain products. From luxury tea mugs to saucers to creamers, a myriad of expensive-looking kitchenware gives a different character to your tablescape. Besides, the absolutely stunning Portuguese designs make one cherish bygone craftsmanship in contemporary motifs, also helping them spruce up their decor in a regal modern vibe.