Bernhardt: An Ode To Luxury

Bernhardt furniture is an online furnishing brand that excels in providing the best quality home furnishing items. If you are on a hunt for modern furniture units to spruce up your interiors, Bernhardt will help you achieve your dream look. That’s Living offers the brand's extensive range of well-curated whole-home furniture designs. The customizable, eclectic, soothing to the eyes, and contemporary pieces make them a sight to behold. Get the most personalized interior decor to give your house a luxurious look.

Behind any piece of art, inspiration is the biggest key. That being said, every item by Bernhardt is not only an ode to luxury, but uniquely designed too. Specially crafted to accustom tastes and styles that cater to a wide customer spectrum, Bernhardt aims to help you create your personal oasis. If you are a home decor enthusiast who prefers sophistication, it is the perfect choice for you!

Bernhardt Interiors: Furniture That Makes Your Home Shine! Bedroom 

Featuring shapely linear silhouettes, bedroom exclusives from Bernhardt appeal to the eyes at once. Browse the designs at That’s Living if you desire to have an elegant Bedroom that complements a sophisticated vibe and comforts your mind. 

Dining Room 

Serving functional and fashionable elegance, Bernhardt’s dining room staples clad a muted persona. That’s Living offers an exclusive dining range that include sophisticated yet practical Dining Tables and Dining Chairs

Living Room 

The most visited room in your house requires the most attention, which is why shaping a Living Room might be the most daunting task. Settle for Bernhardt to make this process easy and exciting for you. Surf through the exquisite living room accessories and furniture, and get yourself inspired. Choose That’s Living for a makeover as professional as done by the stylists for your home’s heart.


Bernhardt exterior design furniture is sure to win you then and there. With outdoor benches, edgy sofas, and stylish sectionals, make your patio as gorgeous as your interiors! 


Styling your workspace can be difficult because only the correct style can match your energy and boost productivity. Bernhardt brings the most exclusive ergonomically-crafted desks and chairs that give a chic look.

Bernhardt Categories At That’s Living 


Imparting an excellent example of tying comfort with luxury is the Bernhardt sofas. The couches are available in an array of sophisticated designs that help you choose the best Loveseats and Sofa for your living room. 

Beds and Headboards 

Bernhardt's beds and headboards promise sheer comfort with unmatched aesthetics and bring the visuals together for a composed look. You can choose from the exclusive Beds, or the right size headboards available at That’s Living to elevate your room’s vibe.


You can find various options in Chairs to style any room in your house. Accentuate the look and aura of your home and office by using Bernhardt chairs. Every eye-catching piece promises to deliver the best quality with a sophisticated look. 

Dining Chairs & Tables 

Made with premium quality wood, Bernhardt’s dining table makes you want to flaunt your grand possession to your party guests. Complete the look with the neatly tailored dining chairs that will prevail the class and luxury at your dining space.

Cocktail/Coffee Table 

Bernhardt Cocktail and Coffee Tables are a cherry on top to round out your living room decor. Search for the one that goes well with the area’s aesthetic. 


Nightstands are yet other quintessential units that must be added to any bedroom decor plan. Bernhardt provides exclusive motifs and contemporary designs in multiple colors and sizes to set the unit as a masterpiece. 


Bernhardt Dresser and Sideboards are made with the highest quality wood and are high on visuals. The intriguing designs and patterns can serve any modern decor scheme.