Luxurious Sectionals that Accentuate Your Living Room

Sectional sofas are meant to accommodate a large number of people in your living room, but they are ideal even for smaller spaces. The concept came into the picture when an unknown designer decided to place an ottoman with a sofa. It made people realize that this arrangement was more relaxing and casual than the conventional sofas and loveseats. Nowadays, as more and more families spend quality time in their living room while binge-watching shows and movies, the need for sectional sofas is on the rise. 

Since there are too many styles and designs of sectional sofas in the market, it may be challenging to decide which one you should buy. To make this process simple for you, That’s Living features a vast collection of luxurious sectionals by some of the world’s most popular brands. You can simply browse through the pieces and pick one that suits your scheme. 

Should I Buy A Sectional Couch Or A Sofa?

When it comes to Living Room Furniture Sets, a sofa is a must. You can’t decorate a living space without a proper seating arrangement. You may go for a sofa or a modular sectional, depending on your lifestyle and preferences. If you can’t seem to make a clear choice, here are some tips to help you decide:

Available space: 

It’s not a general rule that a sectional should belong to a larger room while a conventional sofa should be kept in a smaller space. If your room is asymmetrical, it will perfectly accommodate a sectional sofa. Usually, a sofa will make the area look bigger. Still, sectionals can help cover up all the oddly positioned elements in the room, including the doors, the staircase, the television outlets, etc.

Seating Capacity: 

When you are entertaining a large number of people on a sofa, you will have to combine it with a loveseat and additional Chairs. However, a sectional sofa is enough to accommodate several people on its own.


If you wish to create a friendly atmosphere in the room where family members can sit close to each other while putting their feet up, a Sectional Sofa would be an ideal choice. However, if you need a formal configuration for guests, you may have to get a sofa as they wouldn’t feel comfortable with a cozy seating arrangement.


When it comes to modern furniture, a sectional sofa has more options as compared to a conventional sofa or loveseat. Usually, Sofas And Loveseats are two or three-seaters, but sectionals can be U-shaped, L-Shaped, I-shaped, Stationary, and modular. Moreover, the sectionals are easy to configure and include various pieces in different styles: a chaise, an Ottoman, corner sofa, armless chair, right arm sofa, left arm sofa, and even an in-built side table. 

Explore Different Styles of Sectional Sofas by Popular Brands

That’s Living offers an exquisite collection of sectional sofas by popular luxury furniture brands like Caracole and Eichholtz. These pieces accentuate your space with their elegant design and modern visual appeal. With our exclusive collection, you will get everything your elegant living room needs. There are sectional sofas with an airy structure and in-built side tables, armless pieces with sleek legs, right hand and left hand chairs, corner chairs, and so on. These couches are clad in soft upholstery and rest on sturdy bases offering a perfect seating arrangement for your living space. Decorate them with pillows and cushions to bring a sense of comfort and style to your room.