Accentuate Your Space With The Best Dining Room Furniture

Your dining room is a place where you sit with your loved ones and engage in conversations while relishing delectable cuisines. Small or large, no occasion is complete without delicious food and drinks served on the dining table. So, when you think about buying dining furniture, you must consider all your dinner plans, weekend brunches, and celebrations involving meals. 

At That’s Living, we bring to you an extensive collection of dining room furniture sets by some of the world’s most esteemed brands. From table to chairs and sideboard to buffets, we have all the elements you require for delightful dining. Browse through our collection and choose suitable units for your interior setting.

Types of Furniture That Belongs to The Dining Area

That’s Living’s dining room furniture collection features stylish and sophisticated pieces to adorn your abode. You will get a lot of choices in terms of design, material, finish, and shapes. Seal the deal with these staples:

Dining Tables:

We have all kinds of Dining Tables from a circular glass structure to a conventional wooden one. There are decorative and functional pieces that solve the purpose and accentuate the space beautifully. 

Dining Chairs:

We have a wide range of Dining Chairs that you can use to complete the room aesthetics. Upholstered, woven, minimalist, and embellished, there is something for everyone here.

Sideboards & Buffets:

The Sideboards and Buffets are not just decorative but highly functional as well. The top can be used for either displaying vases and decor items or simply to showcase kitchenware. Meanwhile, their multiple shelves can be used to store the Kitchen and Dining accessories.

Guidelines for Buying Luxury Dining Room Furniture Set

When buying dining room furniture, there are many things to consider like the available area, the capacity, the material, brand, etc. Let’s take a look at some important tips to follow when buying furniture for your dining area:

Proportion and shape:

Take measurements of the dining area to ensure your furniture fits well in the space and doesn’t create any hurdle when moving within the room. You may go for a rectangular or square table if it’s a small space. Whereas, an oval one suits a spacious dining area well. 


Choose the fabric of the furniture carefully as per your needs and practicality. Go for carved wood if you are looking for something decorative, and choose rustic for a contemporary style. You may also choose a glass table to accentuate the space with extravagance.


It’s always wise to think about the number of people you will be entertaining when you buy dining chairs. A circular table will usually seat only upto 4 people, while a big, rectangular one can be paired with 6-8 chairs.

Shop High-End Pieces for your Dining Room

You can buy luxury dining room furniture at That’s Living without much hassle. Simply browse through the collection and choose the pieces that suit your style. We offer many choices in terms of brands as well, including popular luxury brands like Bernhardt, Theodore Alexander, Caracole, and Eichholtz.