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The living room is the first place in your house that visitors see, and that can either leave them impressed or make them feel unwelcomed. It's your choice as to what kind of vibes you wish to create in your home. A good living room furniture set can even make a cramped space elegant, while an ill-planned arrangement can make everything look out of place no matter how luxurious your furnishings are.

At That's Living, you get access to a wide range of modern living room furniture sets from esteemed brands. Whether you wish to buy an entire seating set or individual items to weave the room together, our sophisticated collection will let you implement all your furnishing ideas with utmost perfection. So, browse through our living room furniture sets and build your dream home without any hassle.

How To Choose The Right Living Room Furniture For Your Home

The key to choosing the right Furniture for your living room is to focus on the interior setting. A well-arranged space should encourage conversations, and people should feel comfortable when entering inside and engaging with each other. Here are some key tips to keep in mind when buying living room furniture:

Size And Proportion: 

To start with, take measurements of the entire room and check what furniture size will fit the space. Try to plan the arrangement in a way that leaves out some empty areas as well. For example, items like an accent chair look fashionable when they are oversized, while some furnishings like the coffee table or console need to be the appropriate size.

Shapes, material, and colors:

When choosing the fabric, color, and shape of the furniture for your living room, make sure to check the theme and color scheme of the room. A mixture of different colors and forms will be a good choice for the interior setting. In addition, select something easy to maintain and care for when it comes to the material and finish.

Versatility and convenience: 

To fill up the empty spaces like the corners and sides of the sofa, go for items like ottomans and end tables. Thus you will be able to change the setting occasionally, as per your convenience, and enjoy the dynamic interiors.

Types of Living Room Furniture

Living room furniture is not just about comfortable seating; it also includes more functional and decorative pieces that bind the space together. Here is a list of categories you can find on That's Living to make your home’s heart inviting-

Loveseats & Sofas: 

Whether you wish to create an intimate space or entertain a large gathering, find what you are looking for through our collection of sophisticated Loveseats and Sofas.

Decorative Pillows & Cushions: 

Our collection of stylish Pillows and Cushions make your sofa cozy and comfortable while accentuating the room's aesthetics.


The Sectionals can be arranged in multiple ways as per the occasion, especially when you are hosting a big gathering.


Decorate your living room with oversized accent Chairs to fill up the space or place an elegant armchair in a corner, next to a floor lamp.

Benches, Ottomans, & Stools: 

Accessories like Benches, Ottomans, and Stools help make the living room a versatile space so you can rearrange the pieces and avail their functional yet decorative attributes.

Cocktail & Coffee Tables: 

Stunning Cocktail and Coffee Tables not only create a focal point in the room but can also be used to display artifacts or a centerpiece.

Side Tables & End Tables: 

The Side and End Tables can be used to display vases, urns, photo frames, table lamps, or for simply placing your coffee mug when you are relaxing on the sofa.

Console Tables: 

Consoles can be used for device storage as well as displaying stunning artifacts. At That's Living, we have a wide array of Console Tables flaunting one-of-a-kind designs.


Cabinets are mainly used for storage owing to their multiple shelves, while the top is usually ideal for placing pieces of art.

Explore The Living Room Furniture Collection At That’s Living

Buying living room furniture is easy once you know how to decorate the space using the suitable material and size. Regarding luxury furniture, you may want to consider reputed brands like Eichholtz and Caracole, available at That's Living. Instead of visiting the store, you can browse through our collection and select suitable pieces from the comfort of your house.