Dinnerware & Flatware : Add Character To A Simple Table

What is the trick behind a beautiful dining place? You might think it's the table, but tables barely make it up to your expectations. The perfect outlook comes with Dinnerware and flatware, adding character to an otherwise basic furniture. 

Beautiful and charming dinnerware and flatware brighten your dinner table like a magical spell. Visit our store, That's Living, for a wide range of Table and Home Accessories that marry well with your tables cape.

Buy Luxury Dinnerware & Flatware Sets Online at That’s Living Qatar

Are you thinking about buying Dinnerware Sets and flatware sets just by relaxing at home? Choose That’s Living Online, as we give the most wonderful designs and quality products to change the outlook of your dining room and table.

Aesthetically pleasing and sumptuous food reaches a whole new level when served in an equally appealing serveware. From cutlery sets, brushed brass cutlery sets, cutlery spoons to tableware items, dining plates, and many more, we let you grace your cart with a myriad of choices. 

A Luxurious Collection of Dinnerware For Elegant Dining

Good food fills our soul with love and happiness. But what about the hunger of the eyes? Visual appetite plays an important role as much as the taste and quantity of a dish. A prompt example of visual appetite would be the elegant styling by masterclass chefs. 

That is why here at That’s Living online, we present to you a wide collection of exclusive dinnerware and flatware sets made of porcelain, glass, gold-plated, brushed brass, and more. We honor the artists and designers of each renowned brand at our shop, who are solely responsible for the impeccably gracious tableware items

Here are the few products you can look forward to seeing at That’s Living -


Our Luxurious Collection of Dinnerware includes finely designed Bowls. You can find sophisticated glass bowls, ceramic bowls, stoneware bowls, Fine China Bowls, Bamboo Bowls and many more. They come in various sizes and designs at our store and have remarkable quality and color gradients.


Artistic plates are yet another delightful pieces to adore from our collection of luxurious dinnerware. You can find exquisite glass plates, ceramic plates, melamine plates, stoneware plates, Bamboo plates and many more, in pleasing colours, sizes and shapes that will certainly blow your mind and make your meal more satisfying.

What is the difference between flatware and dinnerware?

Dinnerware and flatware are pretty different, but they both complement each other on the dining table. Both of them are required to make a magnificent meal for you.

Here’s the difference they make:

Dinnerware includes items on which the food item is kept or stored. Whereas, Flatware items are used to eat the food from the utensils or dinnerware items.

Dinnerware includes Plates, bowls whereas flatware includes cutlery items like 8 piece cutlery set, cutlery spoons, gold plated cutlery, cutlery sets, home dining set, etc.

Visit That’s Living to shop Dinnerware and Flatware available in elegant designs and compositions.