Candles, Holders & Diffusers – Fragrancing Your Home Stylishly!

Good smell enhances good mood and positivity around. Scented candles and diffusers help make your home smell good and spread an aura of calmness and purity around. Also, the right kind of candle holder adds oomph to home decor. These stylish and practical Home Accessories are becoming popular nowadays among style-conscious buyers. Get hold of beautiful fragrance options available at That’s Living and add aesthetics to your modern abode that helps you enjoy a relaxing time.  

Scented Candles V/S Diffusers 

While both are meant to roll out amazing fragrances across different areas of the home, they are distinct in how they look and function. Scented candles don an extremely fashionable outer profile and relax the environment. The soft and flickering light elevates the aura and freshness. A diffuser or an aroma lamp dispenses essential oils into the air. It has handy sticks that are dipped in essential oils to spread long lasting fragrance. Flavors like chamomile, sage, and lavender help in destressing. Diffusers are not ignited–they simply need to be inserted in the essential oil for the magic to begin!

5 Reasons To Have Scented Candles And Diffusers

The smell can make or break a deal of your home’s entire decor scheme. No matter how lavish, practical, and aesthetically pleasing home furnishings you have got, it can negate what you have done without a good aura and fresh smell. Here’s what scented candles and diffusers offer apart from signifying a good ambiance and fresh surroundings.

Add Fashion And Function

The unique and stylish sets of these units can be placed anywhere in the house for visual upliftment. And when it comes to function, once they are lit or infused in the oil, they will continue spreading a nice aroma throughout the space. Also, what else can be better than inhaling a pleasant fragrance when you are back home after a long day at work?

Add The Style Quotient

If you want a quick redo for the dull areas of your home, scented candles can instantly be at your rescue. They look great at the window sills, side tables, reading nooks, and just about anywhere. 

Long-Lasting Aroma And Freshness

Diffusers are refillable and can last up to 12 weeks or more. And candles, depending on their size, can stay long for hours. After blowing them off, you can reuse them again as and when required.

Double Duty Duo

Fashionable scented candles and diffusers look great together and work excellently in doubling up the fragrance. You can enjoy the best of their aromas seamlessly flowing in the home.

Apt For Gifting Purposes

Give your loved ones a pleasing set of candles and diffusers as gifts and make them go wow over your sense of choice. A practical yet stylish gifting option, these units can elevate their regular decor scheme or the ones for the celebrations. 

Unique And Modern Range Of Candles, Holders & Diffusers At That’s Living

Top-notch brands at That's Living offer an array of stylish candles, holders, and diffusers made of the highest quality materials. Featuring Baobab, the name that resonates with luxury in the form of artistic scented candles offering an olfactory experience. Eichholtz is the next label known for out-of-the-box styles. Their incredibly gorgeous variety of candle holders will make your decor look futuristic.