The Basics To Kitchenware & Dining

Kitchenware comprises dishes that make serving easy at the dinner table. It is an undeniable fact that kitchenware plays a very important role in not only serving cuisines but also presenting it in a most appealing manner and making the food look more appetizing. A modern house looks incomplete without noticeable plates and bowls. Unique designs and unmatched quality are integral to buying these units, and here at That’s Living, we make sure that you get both! 

Types of Kitchenware That’s Living Offers

Here’s the list of basic yet trendy kitchen and dining essentials available at That’s Living for an eye-grabbing tablescape.  


Starting with the basics, Plates are the must-haves for your dinner table and are categorized into different types, including dinner plates, dessert plates, pickle dishes, and others. Large platters and other Serving Flatware make serving easy around the table.

Serving Bowls

Bowls complement the plates and make the most of your tablescape. From salad bowls to curry sets, these units come in pairs and standalone pieces to fulfill your needs.   

Teaware & Coffeeware

It’s not just about the dinner and lunch settings! Teaware is also of utmost importance in a modern kitchen. From teapots to coffee cups to creamers to sugar bowls, the modern varieties can make your tea/coffee table setting engaging.

Serving Trays & Stands

Good food looks great in stylish serving trays that are not just appealing in visuals but are also functional. The advantage of Serving Trays is that they can easily toss food items from one place to another.

Kitchen Storage & Tools 

Besides the beautiful tableware, Kitchen Storage & tools help in organizing your space by a charming visual presentation. Kitchen containers can also be complemented with your dinnerware for a coupled appearance.

Choosing The Right Kitchenware

If you want to change your table game, choose your kitchenware wisely. It is sometimes challenging to find and decide what to buy. These tips can help you choose the right kitchenware.

Match Check

Buying in pairs is easy; however, standalone pieces need a check before a go! Look at the existing tableware you own and find pieces that match and coordinate them with the current scheme. The deciding factors could be monochromatic colors or a playful theme of vibrant shades.

Determine The Purpose

You can create a beautiful tablescape with the things you need; there’s nothing like buying everything that’s on showcase. If you fancy making collections, start slow – maybe with a set of 6-8 or 10-12. 

Storage Spaces

A variety of tableware needs a good storage space as well to keep it safe. Make sure you buy stuff that easily fits in the storage unit and doesn’t land up on each other.  

Give It A Personality Check

Like home decor and furnishings, we have our own taste in the kitchen essentials and tableware. Some may like big designs on the porcelain, and some find happiness in subtle motifs. Give your kitchenware a personal taste!